Face-to-Face, Totnes, Devon
Face to face, Plymouth, Devon

Moving Forward…

I love being in the physical presence of another person, however, I also recognise that for various reasons not everyone is able to manage this. For this reason I also deliver therapy online. This has proved to be a very effective way to work with those who can’t come in to the rooms that I use and I have met some amazing people from all over the UK using online platforms that I would otherwise never have met. I feel a deep connection with clients in both of these formats. If you would like to have a few sessions of online counselling to see if it works for you, get in contact and we can make a start.

Face to face and online sessions last for one hour, however, some clients feel that they need a longer session. Finding what works well and meets your need is important to me and I am always happy to have an open discussion about what might help.

For those unable to engage in therapeutic work online, I work in two comfortable rooms in Totnes and Plymouth, Devon.