What People Say

“Fiona being my counsellor has made a big difference to me. She intuitively knew what was important to me and helped me find a way forward when I was at a challenging time in my life. She is calm and logical, she made me feel safe with a genuine warmth that gave my confidence a huge boost”

Wendy, age 55

“Fiona is a very approachable lady and I felt heard when I told her my story. It was great to be able to speak with her”

Roger, age 58

“Into my young adult life I have struggled with depression, at some points I didn’t think I could move forward, I had no goals or aspirations. I reached out to Fi and asked her for some help. There was no judgement, or pressure to say anything, but when I was able to open up she was a brilliant listener. It majorly helped me to be honest and talk through how I felt. Fi is one of the most genuine, loving people I know. She knows one formula doesn’t fit all…..she walked me through hard times.”

Molly, age 19

“Fi is non judgemental and very good at listening. She helped me to clarify my next steps. I always came out of our meetings encouraged and uplifted. She shows a rare combination of deep relational skills, humour and practical application. I felt loved and accepted.”

Emily, age 24

“Fi has been a great help; caring, understanding, committed and professional. She has given me the tools I need to regulate myself better and has helped me in my stress management. I could not recommend her enough”

Rohan, age 24

“Fi gave me the time and space I needed to settle and enabled me to get in touch with what was bothering me. I felt I had her undivided attention as she patiently listened. She drew my attention to some of the things I had said that had completely passed me by but were actually very important. It helped me to build my own self awareness.”

Alison, age 53